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Coach Brown,
Before training with Coach Brown I would have only made the JV team at James Madison and been brought up to varsity for the playoffs only.Since I started training with you my dribbling skills and shooting has improved a lot. My dribbling skills were good enough to get me playing time on the freshman team last year and my AAU team. Since my dribbling has improved I was able to make the Varsity team and be able to play on the U17 GameChangers team this Spring. My shooting before training was only mid range and inside now that I trained with Coach Brown I am able to expand my range. I am also  able to play one on one with anyone on the court when I get the chance to. I am so glad I was able to get the chance to train with you and thank you.
Thank you,
Soren Almquist 

8 session


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1 hour


Hi Coach!
Thank you so much! I feel much better. My kids were so pumped after last night’s lesson. I know you have tryouts this weekend, so I will be booking for the following Sunday if the slot is still open. Thanks again!
Iesha Abdallah

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"Train to Compete" basketball PROGRAM Will Provide you and your team with a competitive edge against your opponents this coming season. Our basketball trainings is based on the skill level of each kid. Coach Sam teach the fundamentals, perform & demonstrate the drills to give each kid a visual of what is expected of them. All drills are designed to help player's game time instinct as well as help them become an aggressive player offensively and defensively.
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Coach Brown,

My name is Taylor Davis, and I am the co founder and director of the AAU program the NOVA GameChangers. I coached Soren Almquist last summer and he and his parents have raved about the work you did with him and the improvements he’s made.Our program has been looking for a professional trainer like yourself for sometime and I would like to discuss how maybe we could help each other out . My organization is non profit but working with us  could give you access to 30 plus kids a season.Let me know if this is something that would interest you.

Taylor Davis

Sam is a passionate trainer who truly cares about the kids.  He knows how to push them out of their comfort zone.  He trains them with energy and fire which makes the kids want to train with him.  The training Sam provides is challenging and rewarding at the same time.  He stresses confidence and believing in yourself.  My daughter Laila Jewett has trained with Sam for over the course of four years. He maximizes the learning potential of my daughter at each training session by forcing her to train at game speed. I have watched her continuously improve over the years.  He provides intense fundamental basketball training for all ages and skill levels.   The players he trains consistently are empowered with tools to fulfill their dreams while experiencing the joy of improvement.  During training, he discusses the importance of being a leader on and off the court.  He taught my daughter the importance of being “Coachable”.  He also talked to her about good and bad body language.  We trusted the process and it works with hard work, perseverance and a great trainer like Coach Sam. 

Sakinah Franklin  (KIna) Parent of Laila Jewett Bishop Ireton PG)

This is a text message laila jewett (Bishop Ireton Rising sophomore guard) sent one of her  teammates referring them to "train to Compete" basketball program.

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3rd grade Lousie working on attacking the basket with a jump stop for a layup.

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Be Discipline! Be determined! be dedicated! Have desire! & play defense! 

"train to Compete" Basketball training/ workout program

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